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Providing Customised PVC Sash Window Solutions to Homes in & around South East London

Our award-winning Bespoke Heritage Range of PVC sash windows are designed to blend in flawlessly with the style of your home.


Not only has every dimension and detail been copied from original timber sliding sash windows usually found in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses, but our PVC range of sash windows also offer high-performing and modern functionality features that can benefit you on a daily basis.


Our double glazed PVC sash windows are often considered to be a sensitive replacement to the traditional wooden sash window allowing for increased security, heat preservation and sound prevention in your home. We take pride in our expertise and ability to provide you with PVC double glazing solutions that still allow for classically designed smooth-finish frames and authentic styled additions. You can choose from a variety of colour finishes and glazing designs to ensure that you find a style which will integrate with other styles throughout your home, including porches and doors.


Bespoke Windows offers ideal solutions for period homes across South East London and these solutions are suitable for up to Grade 2 listed buildings. Double glazed sashes are framed with period styled architraves to offer traditional elegance without the draughts, rattles and dust of conventionally-built replacement sash windows.


. Zero-pressure bespoke approach tailored to suit your requirements

. Bespoke Windows is fully compliant with all the latest building regulations

What Are the Main Benefits of PVC Sash Window Replacements?

Design and Finish

Attention to detail is not something we take lightly and it is crucial to us that the finished result blends in perfectly with your existing home interior and exterior.


We understand that sash windows are part of our British building heritage, so we have developed Bespoke Windows to operate at a high level of expertise to help retain the style your home is based on.

Increased Security

Double glazed units combined with multi-lock technology will increase safety within your home, making it less vulnerable to opportunist thieves and other intruders.

Double Glazing

The actual double glazed units are designed to increase insulation, put a stop to draughts and act as a sound proof barrier meaning you can enjoy a quieter and warmer living environment inside your home.

Low Maintenance

When compared to traditional wooden windows, PVC is proved to require much less maintenance. PVC sash windows do not peel, flake, rust or rot so regular painting of wood to avoid rotting can become a thing of the past. To keep them looking fresh, all they need is a wipe every now
and then!

Easy To Clean

All sash windows move up and down based on the traditional style but an added feature allows you to tilt them inwards too. This allows for much easier cleaning.

Heat Preservation

Our double glazing options and double weather seals will ensure you can start saving money on those heating bills and with that, we guarantee a much warmer living environment. We will first understand where savings can be made and then tailor a package to suit your specifications.

PVC Sash Window Guarantee

We Offer a 10 Year No Quibble Guarantee

Our guarantee policy stems from a complete and genuine interest on our part and is very straightforward.
It is a legal requirement to offer a 10 year guarantee in the double glazing industry and so that is exactly what we do. So many companies have an exclusion clause whereby moving parts are only guaranteed for 2-5 years but here at Bespoke, our 10 year no quibble guarantee is totally unconditional. All you have to do is call us and we will send somebody out to see you at your earliest convenience.

We pride ourselves in our open-book bespoke approach to every client’s needs and when we say 10 years, we mean it.

We Offer the Following Guarantees:

  • 1. 10 year solid guarantee on all products including all moving parts to avoid gaps, leaks, draughts or any other issues allowing heat to escape
  • 2. 50 year anti-rot guarantee on all wooden sash windows
  • 3. Ongoing support network provided
Colour Ranges & Glazing Designs for PVC Sash Window Range

We can design your windows and/or doors to ensure they match the style of your home by providing a wide range of colour options and glazing designs for you to choose from. Personalised design is a very important stage of the process and our team of qualified experts have a good eye for it. They will be able to answer any questions you have along the way.


For our PVC Conservation Range, we can use traditional white or cream coloured paint to give it a quality painted wood finish and we can also apply a variety of wood effect finishes if you want your windows looking like authentic timber frames.


The latest spray-on paint we use has been designed specifically to bond with PVC so as to provide an extra protective coating and to make certain that they never need to be painted again in the future. It is also chip-proof, crack-proof and flake-proof so you can rest assured that regular maintenance is not something you need to worry about.

Find out about our Traditional Wooden Range and if you have any questions at all relating to your requirements, call us directly on 020 8693 1199 and speak to a member of our team.


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