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Providing Traditional Wooden Sash Window Solutions to Homes in & around South East London

Traditional box sash windows have been a feature of Britain’s heritage for over three centuries and are common in period homes across the UK.


Here at Bespoke Windows we understand the importance of maintaining this traditional British architectural feature and will provide you with a variety of different wood options for you to choose from. We will gladly explain all the pros and cons of each and go through the benefits to help you gain a better understanding. We consider it our duty to help you make informed decisions.

Why Choose Bespoke Windows to Design and Install your Wooden
Sash Windows?

Fully Insured & Compliant

All our windows and door installations meet current government guidelines on energy efficiency and building regulations on glazing safety.


Quality Finish

Regardless of which type of wood you choose, we spray the wooden window with four layers of microporous paint which means it sinks into the wood and makes ‘peeling’ a thing of the past.


Glazing Options

While the windows and doors we supply are double glazed in line with building regulations, we also have specialist experience in working with, and restoring, sashes hung on spiral balances.

Traditional Wooden Box Sash Window Guarantee

We offer a 10 year no quibble guarantee on all of our products.
Our guarantee policy stems from a complete and genuine interest on our part and is very straightforward. It is a legal requirement to offer a 10 year guarantee in the double glazing industry and so that is exactly what we do.


Many companies have an exclusion clause whereby moving parts are only guaranteed for 2-5 years but here at Bespoke, our 10 year no quibble guarantee is totally unconditional. All you have to do is call us and we will send somebody out to see you at your earliest convenience.

We pride ourselves in our open-book bespoke approach to every client’s needs and when we say 10 years, we mean it.

  • 1. 10 year solid guarantee on all products including all moving parts to avoid gaps, leaks, draughts or any other issues allowing heat to escape
  • 2. 50 year anti-rot guarantee on all Traditional Wooden Box Sash Windows
  • 3. Ongoing support network provided
Colour Ranges & Glazing Designs for Traditional Box Sash Windows

We appreciate that every home is different and unique in its own way so personalised design is a very important stage of the process.


We can design your windows and/or doors to ensure they match the style of your home by providing a wide range of colour options and glazing designs for you to choose from.

Find out more about our specialist PVC Conservation Range and if you have any questions at all relating to your requirements,
call us directly on 020 8693 1199 and speak to a member of
our team.


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We look forward to speaking with you here at Bespoke Windows.
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